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Adopting Japanese Norms To Business

by The 100 Companies

My trip to Japan offered many practices to consider adopting to enhance business culture. For example:

-Quiet: Find time for meditation. You may be inspired at what being alone with your own thoughts will reveal.

-Politeness: Attend to everyone. Whether for a social or business introduction, a handshake or calling the person by name casts you in a respectful demeanor.

-Symbolism: Acknowledging others religious and cultural beliefs furthers insight into those you meet.

-Rituals: Value quality time with clients, customers and colleagues because it strengthens relationships.

-Honor: Take pride in what you do, exceeding expectations rather than settling for mediocrity.

Read more about Japanese business styles in Betsie’s blog on HuffPost.

Betsie Gambel, The New Orleans 100

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