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Finding common ground

by The 100 Companies
Finding common ground

Years ago, I attended a discussion among former Senator John Breaux and former Congressmen Bob Livingston and Billy Tauzin. When asked about divisiveness, they glibly blamed airlines.

With a curious audience, they recalled when flying was difficult, causing them to remain in DC, Democrats living next to Republicans, being little league coach to a colleague’s children, regardless of party.

Problems were sorted out at neighborhood barbecues and family activities. There was a mutual respect that allowed friend to friend rather than Democrat to Republican dialogue. This albeit simple premise reminds us of the value of relationships, even “crossing the aisle.”

Jan. 6th’s assault on democracy pit American against American, fueling the fires of divisiveness. Now is the time for principled members of Congress to forge relationships across the aisle to find common ground, especially when their universes of facts may be very different.

Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications

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