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Pandemic trade-offs

by The 100 Companies

During this pandemic year, I have logged notable changes:

We received our new office’s occupancy license on March 13, 2020. Empty while we WFH, we are now “hybrid happy” with staggered home/office schedules.

I named Amy Collins CEO. Since I am not living on a yacht in Grenada as I hoped, I continue to navigate the transition from being immersed in Gambel to the role of blue-sky thinker.

The opportunity to travel is a void. I traded hopping on planes for car trips that introduced me to Buc-ee’s and audio books.

The one constant? Pass Christian’s beautiful beaches remain my happy place.

– Betsie Gambel, The New Orleans 100

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Victor Pizarro April 14, 2021 - 9:06 am

” I traded hopping on planes for car trips that introduced me to Buc-ee’s and audio books.” is the most relatable and relevant sentence I have read in a long time. Thank you so much for this as it has become a large part of my emergent life theory on travel as a New Orleanian, having recently “discovered” West Texas as accessible and shockingly beautiful.

It was a personal revelation, as I have always been more likely to explore distant places like Southeast Asia, Africa, or the Caribbean, historically. Re-discovering the regional beauty of near-places and my love of hiking and camping on road trips has been a lovely secret gift of the pandemic.

Thanks for the lovely reminder. On a related note, I highly recommend Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains. They are lovely, exceptional places a (long) day’s drive away.

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