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Lent’s answer to “over-fluctuating”

by The 100 Companies
Platter of king cakes next to image of a ash cross on a woman's forehead on Ash Wednesday.

I delicately commented to a 6’4” friend that perhaps he should head back to the gym. Not concerned one iota, he rationalized that his weight fluctuates with the seasons.

“A few extra pounds during winter keeps me warm,” he explained. When I rolled my eyes, he admitted, “Well, maybe I ‘over fluctuated’ this year.”

Thankfully we are in Lent, a time of fasting and abstinence. Whether it’s giving up sweets or alcohol or doing something positive like daily mass or exercising, the forty days of Lent provide time for sacrifice and reflection. And maybe even “under fluctuating.”

Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications

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