Home History New Orleanians seeking perfect fit sought the ‘JiveAss Shoemaker’

New Orleanians seeking perfect fit sought the ‘JiveAss Shoemaker’

JiveAss Shoemaker

Calvin Dayes came to the United States in 1949 as a Jamaican-born stowaway with $38 in his pocket. But, a long career as one of New Orleans’ most-respected cobblers put him at the center of local life.

Dayes – who labelled every shoe he made “By the JiveAss Shoemaker” – sported a Salvador Dali-like mustache and worked to the music of jazz tapes he arranged himself. He made kid-leather boots for Carnival kings, shoes for children in orphanages and custom footwear to suit clients’ varying sizes and abilities.

Read more about JiveAss Shoemaker in THNOC’s newest online article.

– Eli Haddow, The Historic New Orleans Collection

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