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New Orleans: Where Opera Began

by The 100 Companies

When we imagine opera, we usually think of Italy. But, did you know that the first US opera house was established in New Orleans? On May 22, 1796, Ernest Gretry’s “Sylvain” was performed in New Orleans while it was still under Spanish rule.

Since then, New Orleans has had a rich history of opera. In 1947, the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera was founded and has since played a key role in the continuous success of the opera in New Orleans. Its annual Mad Hatter Luncheon and Fashion Show benefits opera education in the city. Learn more here!

Purchase tickets for this year’s Mad Hatter, taking place on March 22 from 10:30AM-2PM!

Joanne Mantis, Co-chair, Mad Hatter Luncheon and Fashion Show

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