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Shifting to a deliberative dialogue

by The 100 Companies
deliberative dialogue

We currently see the realities of racial inequality that often spark debates but not thoughtful conversations. Deliberative dialogue comes from understanding and unity yet avoids the response to diminish, devalue or take away from another’s thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Consider the conversations swirling around in your environment. Is it productive? Are you open and willing to do the work and experience confusion and discomfort? This type of communication stems from a place of understanding and leads to education.

The Slone Group, LLC, leads conversations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Greater New Orleans Area. Contact us at info@theslonegroup.com.

– Ronnie L. Slone, President and Diane Jackson, SHRM-CP

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Jennifer June 22, 2020 - 11:18 am

I participated in a one-day ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ session led by The Slone Group. Ronnie and Diane created a safe and professional environment for real and honest discussion regarding racial inequities and diversity. It was one of the most significant days in my professional life; I frequently think back to the discussions we had on that day. If I were a CEO or leader of an organization, I would prioritize bringing in The Slone Group to facilitate open conversation on this critical topic.

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