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Making Mardi Gras exhibition dazzles

by The 100 Companies

The Historic New Orleans Collection’s “Making Mardi Gras” exhibition rambles its way into the museum’s French Quarter galleries through May 8.

Sponsored by Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World and Kern Studios, this show-stopping display invites visitors into the sprawling dens, late-night sewing sessions, and sweaty dance rehearsals where “The Greatest Free Show on Earth” is created and recreated each year among the city’s diverse communities.

Explore the vibrant expression that only Carnival season can muster, as visitors meet up with 19th century float artists, dawn-breaking skeleton gangs, and house float creators – stopping to admire costumes, royalty and hand-painted coconuts.

Tickets available here.

– Alicia Vial, Gambel Communications

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