Home Business Celebrating 100 years of family history: Rubensteins

Celebrating 100 years of family history: Rubensteins

by The 100 Companies

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Rubensteins – a cornerstone of New Orleans’ retail scene – embodies quality, service and fashion as one of America’s oldest menswear stores.

Founded in 1924 by Morris Rubenstein as a haberdashery, it flourished with brothers Sam and Elkin, growing into an iconic establishment. Key milestones include expansion in the 1950s-60s, All American Jeans launch in 1971 and its swift reopening post Katrina.

Managed by multiple generations, Rubensteins transcends retail, deeply embedding itself in the New Orleans community. The centennial marks reflection on a storied past and excitement for the future, like newly opened Rubensteins Hotel on St. Charles.

– Kenny Rubenstein, Chief Experience Officer, Rubensteins

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