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Hospitality: A world of possibilities

Jessie Pullins

Jessie Pullins is a lead steward at the Sheraton New Orleans who was once at a shelter. The hospitality industry was willing to give him, like many others, a second chance. Those coming from disadvantaged circumstances are becoming chefs, managers, executive stewards, etc. because the industry invests in them.

New Orleans’ hospitality industry is a major component of the regional economy. As tourism grows, so do employment opportunities.

The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association and its affiliated Hospitality Education Foundation provide career pathways for individuals who are interested in working in local hotels. The foundation has a number of programs aimed at workforce development, including its latest initiative, Faces of Hospitality.

For many, a job in hospitality opens up a world of possibilities and provides enormous opportunity to individuals of all backgrounds and skill sets. The hospitality career path can be very rewarding, especially here in New Orleans.

Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association

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