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Tricentennial history: flag of New Orleans

New Orleans Flag waving in the sky.

New Orleans adopted its municipal flag in 1918, in celebration of our bicentennial. Like the U.S. and French flags, white represents government, blue represents liberty and red represents fraternity. These fleur-de-lis highlight the city’s French heritage, and the flag became the first to fly over Louisiana territory.

To celebrate our city’s tricentennial, we have created a commemorative flag that celebrates the New Orleans flag along with other symbols of our city, including another fleur de lis, a crown and our unofficial nickname, NOLA. You’ll start to see these flags flying around town, so be on the lookout!

Check out these new flags on 2018nola.com.

Scott Hutcheson, Senior Advisor to the Mayor on the Cultural Economy

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Robin gray January 2, 2018 - 6:13 pm

Where can we pUrchase the flag?

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