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Tricentennial Style: Hazelnut and Alexa Pulitzer

Alexa Pulitzer's New Orleans designed pieces.

“My needs are simple. I’m easily satisfied with the best.”

While it was Winston Churchill, and not a New Orleanian, who first uttered these iconic words, it’s safe to say we should have been, especially given the high caliber of goods coming out of our local spaces. We at 2018nola have been blessed with some exceptional pieces of memorabilia, thanks to artisans like Alexa Pulitzer, who created a line of paper goods with our seal, and the dynamic team at Hazelnut, who curated a lineup of lucite accessories for the home.

Our 300th year is easily the best yet.

All 2018nola merchandise can be found here.

Scott Hutcheson, Senior Advisor to the Mayor on the Cultural Economy

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