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Mardi Gras done right: Purple, green and gold fashions

by The 100 Companies

Following several years of COVID-influenced Carnival seasons, the return of traditional parade routes is sparking excitement not seen in awhile, according to Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins, vice president of Plush Appeal – The Mardi Gras Spot.

“People are excited to do Mardi Gras right – dressing up, adorning their routes and ladders with flair and hosting tent parties with special touches,” Fletchinger says. “Mardi Gras is back, and you can see that reflected in a thousand purple, green and gold ways in our store.”

Check out accessories such as the Carnival bracelet, featuring a green recycled-glass heart, perfect for Valentine’s Day too!

– Sharon Truxillo and Everton Carvalho, Gambel Communications

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