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Advice from women in leadership

by The 100 Companies

JEDCO asked female leaders to share advice for career growth and empowerment. Here’s what they said:

• “I ask, ‘if not me, then who?’ Find what you’re passionate about. When you find what fuels you, the confidence will come.”– Coretta LaGarde, American Heart Association

• “I try not to compare myself to others. When you’re in negotiation, focus on your own production. You’re needed. Be confident.” – Meghan Donelon, Red River Bank

• “Give back and promote other women. Mentor them to help them achieve what you’ve already achieved.” – Laurie Carriere, Bernhard

• “Plan, step out in faith and execute.”– Akasia Lee-Nicholas, Akasia Lee Global

– Kelsey Scram, JEDCO

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