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A New Orleans Tradition: Late Nights at F&M’s

F&M Patio bar

Many who spent their college years around NOLA remember Fump and Manny’s on Tchoupitoulas Street, better known as F & M’s Patio Bar.

A photo in THNOC’s holdings shows the outside of the hangout in 1983, and not much has changed, including its iconic, palm tree-bedecked sign and Jax beer advertisement.

The photo comes from the William Russell Photographic Collection, which focuses on images of jazz musicians and venues. The bar’s namesake owners—John “Fump” Flynn and Emmanuel “Manny” Guillot—operated a club across the street during the 1950s and 60s that hosted musicians like Deacon John and Irma Thomas.

Eli A. Haddow, The Historic New Orleans Collection

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