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Video from 1950s full of Pontchartrain Beach nostalgia


This 1955 video shows the heyday of Pontchartrain Beach. The amusement park, located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, operated from 1928 until 1983 and was one of New Orleans’ most beloved attractions. (The Historic New Orleans Collection, gift of Sue Budde, in memory of her husband, Joe Budde, 2007.0357.4.1)

These summer days have us reminiscing about Pontchartrain Beach. With beaches, restaurants and rides, it was a popular summer destination in New Orleans.

This video, taken by Joe Budde in 1955, highlights some of the park’s most memorable attractions, including the thrilling Zephyr roller coaster, sky-high Ferris wheel with its stunning view of the lake, and a spectacular evening fireworks display. It also showcases some fantastic vintage fashions.

The park closed in 1983 after 55 years of business. For more memorabilia from this New Orleans hot spot, follow The Historic New Orleans Collection this week on Facebook and Instagram.

– Eli A. Haddow, The Historic New Orleans Collection

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