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Krewe of Muses celebrates 20 years

by The 100 Companies

WWL-TV Mardi Gras expert and New Orleans Magazine editor Errol Laborde calls the creation of the Krewe of Muses 20 years ago a seminal moment in Mardi Gras history. While there were women’s parades before, most notably the daytime Krewe of Iris, Laborde has pointed out that Muses came of age as more women entered the workforce, with the vision to create a different kind of night parade.

This year, the 1,500+ women of Muses mark the krewe’s 20th anniversary with their parade on Feb. 20. Follow Muses and more than 80 other parades with the WWL-TV Mardi Gras Parade Tracker.


WWL-TV, Part of Louisiana Tegna Local

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