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Planning ahead for hurricane season

by The 100 Companies

With hurricane season right around the corner, Eagan Insurance Agency wants you to know we stand with you during these uncertain times. Protect your home and property so you’re prepared this hurricane season.

Preparation should start long before the threat of a storm. Here are a few ways to help you get ready:

  1. Determine your risk.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your policy number, along with how to file a claim with your carrier. Ensure that you are covered. Remember, flood policies take 30 days to take effect. It is wise to have coverage in place long before any signs of a storm, as there could be limits or holds put on additional coverage during severe weather or a catastrophe.
  3. Develop an evacuation plan and assemble disaster supplies. If you have a generator, make sure that it has all of the supplies it needs to work properly. Make sure you have enough food/water, medicines/prescriptions, gas, radio, batteries, phone chargers and cash.
  4. Strengthen your home and business. Cover windows, trim trees, secure all doors as well as any outdoor items that may come loose. Move vehicles to a safe location and clear drains and gutters of any debris.
  5. Take pictures and videos of the interior of your home to keep an inventory list of contents.

The Eagan family has been a vital part of the New Orleans business and cultural landscape for generations. We were born here, raise our children here and understand the area’s unique, colorful character.

Our future is rock-solid. We respond to our customers’ needs in a crisis as seamlessly as we do on a daily basis. We are proud of our staff and always strive for excellence.

Trust the experts.

– Marc F. Eagan, Jr., President, Eagan Insurance Agency

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