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Hynes Charter Schools deliver quality education in NOLA

by The 100 Companies

Hynes Charter Schools CEO Michelle Douglas, EdD, is known as a transformational leader and stalwart in public education. She is dedicated to cultivating excellence among staff, students and the community at Hynes Charter Schools.

Established in 1952, Hynes has educated generations of students from its Lakeview campus. In 2019, Michelle led Hynes through a thoughtful and intentional expansion. With one of the most in-demand, open admissions schools in the city, Hynes wanted to offer more seats at two additional campuses, Hynes-UNO (2019) and Hynes-Parkview (2021). Michelle and the Hynes community have continued to excel, and Hynes will serve 2300 students by 2027.

– Amy Boyle Collins, CEO, Gambel Communications

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