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Tricentennial history: ‘Makin’ groceries’


Ever wondered the origin of the colloquial NOLA phrase, “makin’ groceries”? While this expression has long been a part of New Orleans’ 300-year history, Schwegmann’s grocery store capitalized on it in a 1980s commercial jingle, “Saving money, with a smile/Makin’ groceries, Schwegmann style.”

Schwegmann’s was transformed from a family grocery store to Schwegmann Brothers Giant Super Market in 1946. Though the chain disappeared in the 1990s, Schwegmann’s introduced New Orleanians to the concept of self-serve shopping and earned its reputation among iconic brands like McKenzie’s, Katz and Besthoff and Maison Blanche.

– Dominique Becnel, Gambel Communications

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