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Preserving our past

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Chalmette Refining Assists in Rebirth of de La Ronde Remnants. (Photos by Jackson Hill & Roger Evans) 

In Chalmette, the de La Ronde ruins are what remain of the home that served as a military hospital for the British during the Battle of New Orleans. Recent efforts are breathing new life into the site by the Denis de La Ronde Preservation Corporation.

Joining in the effort, Chalmette Refining has donated $20,000 for restoration efforts and new signage at the ruins, along with $50,000 to light the brick pillars of the house’s facade. The refinery also underwrites the cost of maintaining the de La Ronde alley of oaks; working with tree preservation specialists to monitor their health.

– Elizabeth Ellison-Frost, Chalmette Refining

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