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Warriors for Willow Wage on

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In 2016, Tom Cannan and Amber Olsen’s daughter Willow was diagnosed with Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency (MSD), a rare and fatal type of lysosomal storage disorder. Rather than give up, the Olsens found a treatment, but it lacked funding. They created the United MSD Foundation and Warriors for Willow. They hope to fund the work to develop a clinical trial in time for Willow.

Fewer than 50 children have been diagnosed with Willow’s condition, but similar disorders occur in one of every 5,000 live births. A cure for MSD could result in cures for multiple conditions, saving thousands of children.

To see a video of Willow’s story or to donate to the United MSD Foundation, click here. All donations will help fund research andclinical testing to identify a cure for MSD.

Sarah Chambless Federer, Gambel Communications

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