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E.M.E.R.G.E. to recover

by The 100 Companies

Gambel Communications is getting ready to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to set up clients for success.

When New Orleans entered phase one in mid-May, my friend Tina Meilleur, an executive coach, coined E.M.E.R.G.E., identifying six steps to recovery:

• ESTIMATE what you require in revenues, resources and reserves to stay viable.

• MAP OUT gaps in those categories between pre-shutdown and your future viability estimates.

• EXPLORE several sets of assumptions.

• REFINE your assumptions to create two-three future scenarios to close gaps.

• GATHER details on your gap-closing plan.

• EXECUTE your new short-term plan based on most likely assumptions.

The process is fluid and should be modified to accommodate where you are. The bottom line?  Plan. Think ahead. Adjust.

Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications

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