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How to turn a moment into a movement

by The 100 Companies
new orleans civil rights

On New Orleans’ streets, we see those familiar, tireless faces who have been marching, advocating and demanding racial and economic justice for years. We also see new diverse faces joining the fight. They recognize the boldness, honesty and long-term commitment this moment demands.

We also need faces in private places and inner circles to challenge and push back on conversations and comments that tolerate generalizations, stereotypes and long-held beliefs that allow racism to fester.

We all have the opportunity to join in, speak the truth and listen. We have cause to be optimistic as we turn this moment into a movement.

– Monica Pierre, Pierre Principle Communications


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Mary Lou L McCall June 17, 2020 - 10:59 pm

My dear friend Monica…miracle moments begin with leaders like you who boldly proclaim the truth in a spirit of peace which transcends all understanding…My heart is with you …and my prayer is that we all find a home together in Him-the author of life and the source and summit of everlasting hope! xoxo
Mary Lou

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