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educational freedom

I started Wilcox Academy in 2006 to provide high-quality care for the predominantly African American children of the seventh ward community.

I was a young Black woman starting a business without a loan from any banking institution because I didn’t qualify. Despite that fact, my husband pulled all of the money from his 401k, and we held community and family fundraisers. I had a dream and was willing to make sure it would happen by any means necessary.

To date, Wilcox Academy has served over 1,000 children and families of every color and socioeconomic background, and we are proud of that.

– Rochelle Wilcox, Wilcox Academy Founder and Executive Director

As a mother of three African American sons, it ’s always been important to me to ensure that they had an educational foundation from birth because that would be their source of freedom – it is the one thing no can take from them. I wanted to provide that to the children in our community, and we have. I have always told my sons, “This world is not fair, you cannot do the same as your white counterparts. It will attempt to strip you of your pride, dignity and human rights, but your mind is yours. ”

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