Justice and peace

by The 100 Companies

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans addresses racism through our multiple programs geared to helping people overcome the burden of poverty. The majority of our program participants are African American. From our HeadStart program to Bethlehem Housing to our mentoring program to our maternity services, we address poverty, which is part of the legacy of institutional racism.

Through the Office of Justice and Peace, we support the Commission on Racial Harmony, which recently co-sponsored an outdoor prayer service at Notre Dame Seminary entitled “Requiem for the Black Children of God,” which highlighted the many lives of African Americans lost to police brutality.

– Kevin Fitzpatrick, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans 

Catholic Charities also supports legislative action to end capital punishment in Louisiana and criminal justice reform, helping develop the formerly incarcerated into civic justice leaders who learn to advocate for others who are or have been incarcerated. Because African Americans are disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system, these interventions both disrupt systemic racist policies and help African Americans find their voice in fighting an unjust system.

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