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The business of making people happy

by The 100 Companies

“We’re in the business of making people happy,” says Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins of Plush Appeal – The Mardi Gras Spot. The store offers everything you could imagine for Mardi Gras and more, from beads and boas to wigs and umbrellas.

But for Alyssa, meeting the needs of New Orleanians goes beyond custom throws and krewe gear: when she learned that one in three mothers doesn’t have enough diapers for their children, Plush Appeal partnered with the Junior League of New Orleans to host a diaper drive.

Thanks to Mardi Gras Spot shoppers, they collected almost 3,000 diapers for families in need.

– Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins, Plush Appeal – The Mardi Gras Spot

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