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Beat the Mardi Gras blues with Irish flair

by The 100 Companies

Lamenting the passing of Mardi Gras? Luck would have another favorite celebration just around the corner. Party supply expert Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins expects a St. Patrick’s Day marked by fair weather, green beer and all that glitters emerald at the end of the rainbow.

“St. Patrick’s Day is always a favorite celebration,” said Fletchinger, who owns Plush Appeal in New Orleans. “And you don’t need a surname of Kelly, Bryan or Murphy to get in on the action.”

Irish flair including “Kiss Me I’m Irish” earrings and shamrock apparel are perfect for the parade route or celebrating at Celtic bars.

– Sharon Truxillo and Everton Carvalho for Plush Appeal – The Mardi Gras Spot

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