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Alyssa Fletchinger, Plush Appeal’s first product reviewer


Special thanks to Hoss Communications for its work on this project. Learn more about Plush Appeal here.

Alyssa Fletchinger has been in the family business since she was eight as our first official “product tester.” Her favorites were always our best sellers!

She now assumes responsibility for all aspects of our business. She works tirelessly with our customers year-round to produce the most appealing and eye-catching products. She manages concepts, designs, customization, quality control, logistics, raw materials, production and delivery. She has an eye for exquisite new products that constantly expands the boundaries of Mardi Gras throws. She manages products and point-of-sale for the largest and busiest Mardi Gras SuperStore in the world.

Daryl Fletchinger, Plush Appeal

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