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A moment for empowerment

by The 100 Companies

The word “empowerment” is overused in today’s business, professional and personal development arenas. Managers and leaders talk about “empowering” employees and supervisees. Empowerment begins with YOU! Questions to ask yourself on your journey towards empowerment include:

Critical “I” questions for Empowerment Success-Readiness Self-Analysis


Do I feel like an insider or an outsider?

Do I belong?

What can I do to fit in?

Influence, control and mutual trust:

Who’s calling the shots?

Will I be listened to?

Will I be able to contribute?

Getting along/mutual loyalty:

How will I get along with other staff members?

Are there any hidden agendas?

– Debra Gould & Associates, Inc. (article submitted by the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce)

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